Beef Price Per Kilo Philippines 2023

If you’re looking for information about Beef Price Per Kilo Philippines 2023, you’ve found the right web page. Here, we will talk about the updated rates of Beef meat in the Philippines.

1 KG Beef Price in Philippines 2023

Following are the current price of beef per kilo 2023 Philippines today;

Meat Weight Price in Philippines
Fresh Beef Meat 1 Kg ₱580 – ₱600

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Frozen Beef Meat Price in the Philippines

Meat Type Weight Price in Philippines
Beef Brisket 450g ₱300
Beef Kenchi Shin 450g ₱360
Beef Shank 450g ₱290
Beef Bone Marrow 900g ₱280
Beef Breakfast Steak 450g ₱400
Beef Caldereta Cut 450g ₱160
Ground Beef 450g ₱200
Lean Ground Beef 450g ₱220
Beef Mechado Cut 450g ₱360
Sliced Beef Sirloin Price 450g ₱400


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