Dates Price in Pakistan 2023 [Khajoor New Rates]

If you’re looking for information about the Dates Price in Pakistan 2023, you’ve found the right web page. Here, we will talk about the updated rates of 1kg dates in Pakistan.

1 Kg Khajoor Price in Pakistan 2023

Following are the current prices of 1kg khajoor in Pakistan;

Date Types (Khajor ki Iqsam) Per KG Price in Pakistan
Irani Khajoor price Rs. 750 PKR
Ajwa Date price Rs. 5500 PKR
Chuwara Dry Date price Rs. 300 PKR
Mabroom Dates price Rs. 1400 PKR
Aseel Khajoor price Rs. 1000 PKR
Sukri Dates Madina price Rs. 2000 PKR
Medjool Dates price Rs. 2275 PKR
Saudi Ambar Khajoor price Rs. 3000 PKR
Himalayan Dates price Rs. 1200 PKR
Rabbi Khajoor price Rs. 1200 PKR
Khairpur Dates price Rs. 1150 PKR
Al Hilal Qalmi Dates price Rs. 2350 PKR
Saghai Dates price Rs. NA
Khudri Dates price Rs. NA
Deglet Noor Dates price Rs. NA

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