Fast Cable Price List 2024 [3/29, 7/29 New Rates]

If you’re looking for information about Fast Cable Price List 2024, you’ve found the right web page. Here, we will talk about the updated rates of Fast cable 3/29, 7/29 and other types of wires and cables.

Fast Cable Wire Price in Pakistan 2024

Fast Cables is a well-known and trusted cable manufacturer in Pakistan. They specialize in manufacturing electrical cables and wires for various purposes, such as building wiring, power transmission, communication, and industrial usage.

Fast Cables has operated in Pakistan for over 30 years and has established itself as one of its major cable makers. They provide a wide selection of goods to meet the requirements of both domestic and business clients.

Some of their popular products include:

  • Building wires
  • Power cables
  • Instrumentation cables
  • Control cables
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Communication cables

Fast Cables Rate List in Pakistan 2024

Following are the current prices of fast cables and wires in Pakistan;

Fast Cables Catalogue Length Price in Pakistan (Rs.)
Fast cable 3/29 Price 90 m Rs. 6,982
Fast cable 7/29 Price 90 m Rs. 14,894
Fast cable 1×1 MM² Price 90 m Rs. 5,222
Fast cable 1×1.5 MM² Price 90 m Rs. 7,833
Fast cable 1×2.5 MM² Price 90 m Rs. 12,283
Fast cable 1×10 MM² Price 90 m Rs. 48,650
Fast cable 1×4 MM² Price 90 m Rs. 19,344
Fast cable 1×6 MM² Price 90 m Rs. 28,532
Fast cable 1×16 MM² Price 90 m Rs. 75,055
Fast cable RG 6 Price 90 m Rs. 16,925
Fast cable RG 7 Price 90 m Rs. 19,343
Fast cable RG 11 Price 90 m Rs. 25,147
Fast cable 3 Pair Price 90 m Rs. 12,776
Fast cable 2 Pair Price 90 m Rs. 8,994

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Fast Cables Contact Number

Fast Cable Contact Details
Address 192-Y, Commercial Area, Phase III, DHA Lahore.
Phone Number 042-111-000-343

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