Kashees Makeup Products Price List 2024 [UPDATED]

If you’re looking for information about the Kashees Makeup Products Price List 2024, you’ve found the right web page. Here, we will talk about the updated rates of Kashee Makeup in Pakistan.

Kashees Makeup Products with Price in Pakistan 2024

Here is a list of all Kashees Cosmetic Products’ prices and their item names;

Kashees Highlighter Price in Pakistan 2024

Highlighter Type Price
Glam Highlighter Rs. 1505
Loose Highlighter Rs. 2005
Luminizer Highlighter Rs. 1805
Living Doll Highlighter Palette Rs. 4005

Kashees Eyeshadow Palette Price in Pakistan 2024

Eyeshadow Makeup Price
Diva Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 3005
Ruby Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 2505
Blushing Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 2505
Dream Rose Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 2005
Silk & Sleek Eyeshadow Palette (Old) Rs. 2505
Golden Girl Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 2505
Desert Rose Eyeshadow Palette Rs. NA
Vintage Queen Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 3505
Glam Artistry Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 6005
Matte & Magic Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 4005
Vintage Garden Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 1755
Mirror Majesty Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 6005
Silk & Sleek Eyeshadow Palette Rs. 3005

Kashees Facial Kit Price in Pakistan 2024

Facial Kit Makeup Price
Kashee’s facial kit Rs. 205

Kashees Mascara Price in Pakistan 2024

Mascara Type Price
Giant Brush Mascara Rs. 1205

Kashees Primer Price in Pakistan 2024

Primer Makeup Price
Eyeshadow Primer Rs. 1805
Gold & Glow Primer Rs. 2505
Ultra Perfect Primer Rs. 2305
Doll Face Pore Primer Rs. 2505

Kashees Contour Palette Price in Pakistan 2024

Contour Makeup Price
Contour Kit Palette Rs. 4005
V Face Contour Kit Rs. 1805
Contour Brush Rs. 1005

Kashees Makeup Brushes Price in Pakistan 2024

Brushes Type Price
Lip Brush K 29 Rs. 505
Silk Brushes Set Rs. 3505
Face Brush Rs. NA
Classic Brushes Set Rs. 4505
Glamist Brush Kit Rs. 4005
Eyeliner Brush K-21 Rs. 505
Contour Brush Rs. 1005
Finesse Brush Rs. 605
Kashee’s Brush Rs. 355 – Rs. 505
Professional Brush Set Rs. NA
Kashees Professional Brush Kit Rs. 12,005

Kashees Face Powder Price in Pakistan 2024

Powder Type Price
Press Powder Rs. 3005
Compact Powder Rs. 3005
3D Diamond Powder Rs. 1505
Super Loose Powder Rs. 2005
High Definition Loose Powder Rs. 2005

Kashees Hair Serum Price in Pakistan 2024

Serum Type Price
Kashee’s Damage Hair Mask Rs. 3505
Kashee’s Hair Polish Rs. 3505
Kashee’s Damage Hair Shampoo Rs. 4005

Kashees Spray Price in Pakistan 2024

Spray Type Price
Fix & Glow Makeup Spray Rs. 2505
Makeup Setting Spray Rs. 2005
Hydra Spray Rs. 2005
Glass Hair Treatment Spray Rs. 2505

Kashee’s Eye Lashes Extension Price in Pakistan 2024

EyeLashes Type Price
Cat Eyelashes Rs. 4005
Classic Eyelashes Rs. 4005
Sensitive Eyelashes Glue Rs. 1005
Stela Eyelashes Rs. 1505
Eyelash Curler Rs. 1005
Faux Mink Eyelashes Rs. 1505
Jasmine Natural Eyelashes Rs. 1505

Kashees Lipstick Price in Pakistan 2024

Lipstick Type Price
Matte Liquid Lipstick Rs. 1005
Velvet Matte Lipstick Box Rs. 2005
Exclusive Line Lipstick Rs. 1005
Long Lasting Lip Gloss Rs. 1005
Glass Lip Rs. 1005

Kashees Full Makup Kit Price in Pakistan 2024

Makeup Kit Price
Kashee complete makeup kit Call for Price: 0345-2889230

Kashees Foundation Price in Pakistan 2024

Foundation Type Price
Liquid Foundation Eventone High Coverage Rs. 3305
Stick Foundation Rs. 2505
Cinema Skin Foundation Rs. 2505
High Definition Liquid Foundation Rs. 2005
24 Hours Water Proof Liquid Foundation Rs. 3305
Flawless Beauty Cream Foundation Rs. 2005
Satin Finish Ultra Glow Foundation Rs. 3305
Super Matte Liquid Foundation Rs. 3305

Kashees Makeup Sale 2024

For complete detail about Kashees cosmetic sale please visit the officail website of Kashees.

Kashees Makeup Products Online Shopping

You can visit their official website to buy any cosmetic products.

Official website is: https://kasheesstore.com/

Kashees Store Phone Number & Address

Kashee Cosmetic Contact Details
Address Main Tariq Road, Karachi.
Phone Number 0345-2889230 / (021) 3161149997
Whatsapp Number 0309-6668174
Official Website Visit
Kashee Store Visit
Facebook Page Visit
Instagram Page Visit
Youtube Channel Visit


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