Vijaya Diagnostics Test Price List 2023 [Complete Menu]

If you’re looking for information about the Vijaya Diagnostics Test Price List 2023, you’ve found the right web page. Here, we will talk about the updated test rates of Vijaya Diagnostics Laboratory in India.

Vijaya Diagnostics Lab Test Rate List 2023

Following are the current prices of Vijaya Diagnostics Lab;

Vijaya Lab Test Prices

Lab Test Name Price
2d Echo Price ₹950
CBP test cost NA
Biopsy test ₹1200
Blood Culture Test ₹1100
Blood Sugar Test ₹180
Calcium Test ₹230
Dengue NS1 Test ₹1300
Electrolytes Test ₹450
HbA1C Test ₹500
HBsAg Test ₹450
Hepatitis A Test ₹1000
HIV Test ₹450
RFT Test ₹400
Lipid Profile Test ₹650
LFT Test ₹650
Malaria Test ₹380
Platelet Count Test ₹120
TB Test ₹2500
Thyroid Test ₹550
Urea Test ₹200
Vitamin A Test ₹3000
Vitamin B12 Test ₹1600
Vitamin D Test ₹1600
Widal Test ₹450
X-Ray ₹450

Vijaya Diagnostics Ultrasound Price List 

Ultrasound Menu Price
Whole Abdomen Ultrasound ₹950
Abdomen / KUB Ultrasound ₹900
Pregnancy Anomaly Ultrasound ₹1200
TIFFA Ultrasound ₹1800

Vijaya Diagnostics CT Scan Price List

CT Scan Catalogue Price
PNS ₹2400
CT Brain with Contrast ₹3500
Brain Contrast ₹1300
Brain Plain ₹2200
Chest ₹3800
Whole Abdomen with Contrast / Whole Abdomen Plain ₹7500

Vijaya Diagnostics MRI Price List

MRI Test Menu Price
MRI Brain with Contrast ₹10000
Brain Plain / MRI Shoulder Joint / Knee Joint / LS Spine / Lumbar Spine / Dorsal Spine / Cervical Spine ₹6500

Vijaya Diagnostics Contact Number

Vijaya Laboratory Contact Details
Address Ground Floor, FPAI Building, Punjagutta Officers Colony, Near Topaz Building, Hyderabad, Telangana.
Phone Number 040 2100 0000
Official Website Visit
Facebook Page Visit
Twitter Page Visit
Instagram Page Visit
Youtube Channel Visit

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