Islamabad Diagnostic Center Test Rate List 2024 [UPDATED]

If you’re looking for information about the Islamabad Diagnostic Center Test Rate List 2024, you’ve found the right web page. Here, we will talk about the updated rates of Islamabad diagnostic laboratory.

Islamabad Diagnostic Center Test Price List 2024

Following are the current prices of Islamabad diagnostic centre;

IDC Blood Test Rates List 2024

Test Name Price
Full Blood Count (FBC Test) Rs. 550
Kidney Function Test (RFT Test) Rs. 1800
Liver Function Test (LFT Test) Rs. 2000
Lipid Profile Test Rs. 2200
Vitamin D Test Rs. 2000
HbA1c Test Rs. 3000
Corona Virus Covid-19 Test Rs. 6500

IDC Ultrasound Charges List 2024

Ultrasound Type Price
Abdomen (Abdomen, Pelvis, Inguinal, Scrotum) Rs. 3500
Thyroid Rs. 2800
Breast Rs. 3200
Heart Rs. 4500
Kidneys Rs. 3200
Joints Rs. 4000
Obstetric (Anomaly Scan, Doppler, Early Pregnancy) Rs. 3500 – 4600

IDC MRI Charges List 2024

MRI Type Price
Brain MRI Rs. 25000
Spine MRI Rs. 18000
Abdomen MRI Rs. 22000
Pelvis MRI Rs. 22000
Extremities Rs. 16000
Chest Rs. 18000
Cardiac Rs. 30000
Whole body Rs. 45000

IDC Islamabad CT Scan Charges List 2024

CT Scan Type Price
CT Reporting Only Rs. 2500
CT Reporting Only (Double Region) Rs. 3000
CT Abdomen Rs. 12000
CT Brain Rs. 15000
CT Chest Rs. 12000
CT Chest with Upper Abdomen for CA Breast Rs. 12000
CT Coronary Calcium Scoring Rs. 5500
CT Guided Drain Placement (w/o Dr Fee) Rs. 11500
CT Pelvis Rs. 12000
CT Spine (1 Region) Rs. 15000
CT Spine (2-3 Regions) Rs. 18000
CT Spine (4-5 Regions) Rs. 21000
CT Spine (Full) Rs. 24000
CT Whole Body Rs. 27000

Breast Cancer Diagnostic Test Prices

Test Name Price Range
Mammography Rs. 3800
Ultrasound Rs. 2800
Breast MRI Rs. 13000
Ultrasound Trucut Rs. 9000
FNA Cytology Rs. 2800
Ultrasound FNAC Rs. 4500

IDC Test Packages 2024

Package Name Price
General Health Check Up From Rs. 13,000
Infertility Health Screening From Rs. 14,000
Heart Screening From Rs. 16,500
Metabolic Syndrome Screening From Rs. 12,000
Importance Profile From Rs. 16,725
Bone Osteoporosis Profile From Rs. 7,360
Rheumatology Profile From Rs. 17,600
Height Profile From Rs. 35,500
Vitamin Profile From Rs. 9,800
Obesity Profile From Rs. 12,000

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