Imtiaz Super Market Online Price List Today 2024 [NEW RATES]

If you’re looking for information about the Imtiaz Super Market Online Price List Today 2024, you’ve found the right web page. Here, we will talk about the updated rates of Imtiaz super market in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Peshawar, and Sargodha.

Imtiaz Super Market Rate List Today 2024

Following are the current prices of Imtiaz Super Store items in Pakistan;

Imtiaz Super Market Ghee Price List 2024

Ghee Brands Rates
Barkat Ghee 1 Kg Rs. 405
Kisan Ghee 1 Kg Rs. 459
Eva Vegetable Ghee 1 Kg Rs. 469
Tullo Ghee 1 Kg Rs. 449
Habib Ghee 1 Kg Rs. 455
Golden Sun Ghee 1 Kg Rs. 445
Soya Supreme Ghee 1 Kg Rs. 459
Mezan Ghee 1 Kg Rs. 489

Imtiaz Super Market Pulses Rates 2024

Dal Names Weight Rates
White Lobia 1 Kg Rs. 335
Masoor Dal 1 Kg Rs. 290
Black Channa 1 Kg Rs. 215
White Chana 1 Kg Rs. 420
Dal Mash 500 g Rs. 545
Red Lal Lobia 500 g Rs. 295
Dal Masoor 1 Kg Rs. 250
Dal moong 1 Kg Rs. 240
Dal Chana Supreme 1 Kg Rs. 330

Imtiaz Super Market Flour Atta Price 2024

Brands Name Weight Rates
Ponam Super Fina Atta 5 Kg Rs. 849
Ponam Atta Chakki 5 Kg Rs. 849
Ponam Baisan 1 Kg Rs. 229
Corn flour 1 Kg Rs. 165
Makai Flour 1 Kg Rs. 85
Maida 500 g Rs. 125

Imtiaz Super Market Rice Rate List 2024

Brands Name Weight Rates
Ponam Super Kernel Basmati Rice 1 Kg Rs. 340
Ponam Supreme Sella Rice 1 Kg Rs. 330
Ponam Basmati Rice Kifayat 1 Kg Rs. 260
Dadi Jan Khichiya Rice Papad 200g Rs. 230
Ponam Supreme Kainat Basmat Rice 1 Kg Rs. 350

Imtiaz Super Market Vegetable Price Today 2024 Imtiaz Grocery List

Items Name Weight Rates
Tomato 1 Kg Rs. 75
Potato 1 Kg Rs. 86
Onion 1 Kg Rs. 207
Garlic 1 Kg Rs. 450
Cabbage 1 Kg Rs. NA
Cucumber 1 Kg Rs. 100
Ginger 1 Kg Rs. 1300
Carrot 1 Kg Rs. NA
Green Chilli 1 Kg Rs. 105

Imtiaz Super Store Chicken Price List Today 2024

Items Name Weight Rates
Chicken Boti Cut 1 Kg Rs. 750
Chicken Boneless 1 Kg Rs. 1167

Imtiaz Super Market Meat Price List 2024

Items Name Weight Rates
Mutton Whole Mix 1 Kg Rs. 1,840
Mutton Boneless 1 Kg Rs. 1,240
Beef Boneless Boti 1 Kg Rs. 1,029
Veal Boneless 1 Kg Rs. 1,240

Sugar Price in Imtiaz Super Market 2024

Items Name Weight Rates
Ponam Sugar Price 1 Kg Rs. 141
Sugarie Brown Sugar 1 Kg Rs. 149
Ponum Shakar 500g Rs. 109
Ponum Gurr 500g Rs. 115
Mehran Brown Sugar 1 Kg Rs. 289
Chashnik Brown Sugar 500g Rs. 125

Imtiaz Super Market Bakery Menu with Prices List 2024

Items Name Rates
Bake Parlor Burger Bun 4’s Rs. 100
Bake Parlor Bread Milky Rs. 110
Bake Parlor Bread Bran Rs. 146
Bake Parlor Shawarma Bread Rs. 90
Bake Parlor Fruit Bun Rs. 46
Dawn Bread Bran Rs. 46
Dawn Pita Bread 5’s Rs. 100
Frizzle Petta Bread Rs. 89

Olive Oil Price in Imtiaz Super Market 2024

Items Name Weight Rates
Borges Olive Oil Baby 125ml Rs. 485
Borges Olive Massage Oil 250ml Rs. 860
Borges Olive Oil Pure Tin 100ml Rs. 425
Borges Olive Oil Extra Virgin 1 Liter Rs. 3150
Muelolive Olive Oil Extra Virgin 250ml Rs. 1086
Lio Olive Oil Pomace Tin 100ml Rs. 430

Tea Price in Imtiaz Super Market 2024

Items Name Weight Rates
Tapal Green Tea Gulbahar 35g Rs. 49
Tapal Tea Family Mixture 430g Rs. 770
Tapal Tea Danedar 900g Rs. 1580
Supreme Tea 170g Rs. 366
Vital Tea Pouch 900g Rs. 1550
Tapal Tea Tezdum 430g Rs. 770
Supreme Tea Pouch 430g Rs. 876
Lipton Yellow Label Tea 170g Rs. 484
Tapal Tea Tezdum 900g Rs. 1550
Mezan Tea Ultra Rich Pouch 430g Rs. 716

Juice Price in Imtiaz Super Market

Items Name Weight Rates
Fruitien Nectar Chaunsa Mango 200ml Rs. 48
Fruitien Juice Red Grape 200ml Rs. 56
Joiner Juice Grape 320ml Rs. 315
230ml Rs. 125
Smile Fruit Drink Lychee 250ml Rs. 55
Popular Maza Fruit Drink Peach 200ml Rs. 42
Popular Maza Juice Mango 260ml Rs. 52
Fruiti-O Juice Mango 500ml Rs. 140
Nestle Fruit Drink Apple 1 Litre Rs. 195
Refresh Fruit Drink Mango 1000ml Rs. 150
Haleeb Fruit Drink Apple Apple 1 Litre Rs. 145
Daani Float Chaunsa Can 250ml Rs. 100
Any Time Nectar Chaunsa 200ml Rs. 48
Mogu Mogu Juice Peach 320ml Rs. 310

Imtiaz Super Market Frozen Products Price List 2024

Items Name Weight Rates
Dawn Paratha Plain (5) 400g Rs. 214
Dawn Paratha Aloo (3) 360g Rs. 256
Mon Salwa Paratha Plain (5) 300G Rs. 195
300G Rs. 165
Menu Paratha Plain (5) 300G Rs. 195
Mezban Paratha Plain (5) 400G Rs. 210

Imtiaz Super Market Cold Drinks Rate 2024

Items Name Quantity Rates
Gatorade Sport Drink Blue Bolt Local 500ml Rs. 96
Murree Brewery’s Beer Apple Malt N/R 300ml Rs. 71
Murree Brewery’s Drink Big Apple PET 500ml Rs. 76
250ml Rs. 76
250ml Rs. 76
Sting Energy Drink NR Berry Blast 500ml Rs. 100
Red Bull Drink Can 250ml Rs. 460
Forest Club Soda 250ml Rs. 144
Sprite Drink Can 250ml Rs. 86
Mirinda Drink Can Local 250ml Rs. 76
Pepsi Drink Can Diet Local 250ml Rs. 76
7UP Drink Can Free Local 250ml Rs. 76
Mirinda Drink Orange 1500ml Rs. 176
Coca Cola Drink Jumbo 2250ml Rs. 236
Pepsi Drink PET 1 Litre Rs. 126
7UP Drink PET 1 Litre Rs. 126
500ml Rs. 76
1500ml Rs. 180
1500ml Rs. 125
1500ml Rs. 130
1 Litre Rs. 126

Dry Fruit Rates in Imtiaz Karachi

Items Name Weight Rates
Ponam Annar Dana 100gm Rs. 75
Ponam Allo Bokhara 250gm Rs. 335
Ponam Kishmish 100gm Rs. 105
Ponam Peanut Sada 200gm Rs. 215
Ponam Kajoo 100gm Rs. 379
Ponam Khopra Powder 250gm Rs. 369
Ponam Dry Fruit Mix 200gm Rs. 735
Ponam Sunflower Seeds 200gm Rs. 165
Ponam Misri 250gm Rs. 99
Ponam Revri 200gm Rs. 145
Ponam Khopra Whole 250gm Rs. 250
Ponam Almond Kernel USA 200gm Rs. 649
Ponam Chana Roast 200gm Rs. 149
Ponam Till White 1 100gm Rs. 92
Ponam Chohara 250gm Rs. 119
Ponam Khubani 200gm Rs. 339
Ponam Dry Fig Injeer 200gm Rs. 799
Ponam Chohara Nur 200gm Rs. 145

Imtiaz Super Market Contact Number

Imtiaz Super Store Contact Details
Address 7th Floor, Prestige Trade Center, Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi.
Phone Number (021) 111-468-429
Timings 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Official Website Visit
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